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Sponsorship 2021

Hey guys! 

It's been a while since I revised the Sponsorship contract, which was back in 2019 I believe - well overdue! It's been a difficult 12 months, with many increases in product and freight costs, as well as product shortages and delays, so I have made a few changes, which will likely be revised June 30th, depending on how we find it works for everyone. 

Sponsored Rider Rewards

  • 20% off Regular Lines*
  • 15% off Seasonal Lines* once 14 days has past since the release date/product published on our website. No discount available prior to 14 days - however products may be reserved. 
  • 2% Store Credit earned from sales generated using your ‘Free Gift’ code.

*Some exclusions may apply. 

Regular lines are generally readily available to order year round, such as grooming, footwear and helmets.

Seasonal lines are usually ordered months in advance, not readily available to reorder and often have smaller profit margins, such as PS of Sweden saddle pads and seasonal clothing lines. 

2% Credit earned from sales generated using your ‘Free Gift’ code. For example, a pair of Mountain Horse Sovereign Boots purchased using your code would generate an $11.00 credit. Credits may be redeemed on any product and are valid until the end of the year.

Discounted purchases using Afterpay or zipPay will incur a small fee to cover the merchant charges (4-6%). No fee for cash/eftpos/direct deposit. 

Products purchased with any discount MUST be purchased for your own use. If you wish to purchase a product for a friend or family member, please discuss prior to purchasing.

Sponsored Rider Requirements

General Post (x2 quarterly) - Facebook post/story OR Instagram post/story OR an add-on to a related post (such as competition results).

Either directing the reader to our website or highlighting one of our products, such as 'Absolutely loving my new B//Vertigo Breeches, super comfortable and true to size! Available to purchase from - Use the code 'XXX' for a FREE GIFT when you spend $50 or more (conditions apply).'

Product Review (x1 quarterly) - A short product review of a product you have purchased and is still available to purchase (e.g. not a last season jacket), including a photo or two of the product in use.

You can either choose to post this review yourself and/or send the review to me to be posted to The Tack Shop's Facebook page. 

If you have any questions, queries or suggestions, I would love to hear them - I always find it difficult implementing new conditions.

I will aim to check in around the end of each month, to see how you're going, to see what you're up to for the following month and gather any feedback! 

If you find the above terms no longer benefit you and/or you don't feel you comfortable with the requirements and no longer wish to be sponsored, I completely understand - I am happy to tailor the above slightly to suit your individual needs if you feel something might work better for you personally. 🙂

Sarah xx