• Troy Fly Repella 100ml

Troy Fly Repella 100ml


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Fly Repella Cream is a unique formulation with repellent property that keeps away flies and biting insects on dogs and horses. The antiseptic cream of this topical cream is effective in repelling irritating pests that make the pet’s skin itchy. The odourless cream prevents insects from sticking the pet’s body. This behaviour averts insect bites and scratching in canines and equines.

How it works? 

Fly Repella Cream has a gamut of active ingredients including Diethyltoluamide, N-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide, Pyrethrins, Benzalkonium chloride, Di-N-Propylisocinchomeronate. The synergistic effect of these ingredients makes it an excellent repellent and antiseptic cream for dogs and horses. When applied it does not allow pests and insects to attach on the pet’s body.

It prevents insect bites and pest infections in dogs and horses. By keeping flies and insects away from wounds, the cream prevents secondary infections and scratching. As the pet does not bite or scratch the area, the wounds are not damaged further.