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Measuring for Tall Boots

Using a soft tape measurement and having someone help you will provide the most accurate measurements.

    TIPS & TRICKS - Calf Measurement

    • Take measurements whilst wearing the breeches (and socks if applicable) that you most commonly ride in
    • Measure whilst standing in a comfortable position 
    • Hold the tape measure firm but not tight
    • Ensure you take multiple measurements from both calves to ensure you have found the widest point 

    TIPS & TRICKS - Height Measurement

    • Take the height measurement whilst standing, barefooted 
    • Measure at the back of the leg, from the floor to where the back of your knee creases 
    • If you're primarily jumping and comfort is your main concern, you may wish to take 1-2cm off your measurement 
    • If you're primarily riding dressage and wish to have the appearance of an elongated leg, you may wish to add 1-2cm to your height
    • Keep in mind that your boots will drop 1-3cm in height