• Photo of horse wearing Premier Equine Bi-Polar Magnet Hock Boots
  • Photo of horse wearing Premier Equine Bi-Polar Magnet Hock Boots
  • Premier Equine Bi-Polar Magnet Technology Chart

Premier Equine Bi-Polar Magnet Hock Boots

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Premier Equine Magnetic Hock Boots can help alleviate stiffness and swelling in the hock area.  

They are constructed from breathable neoprene, which moulds to the horse's leg without impeding movement.  Magnet Hock Boots are great for use in the stable before and after exercise or even whilst traveling.

One size: Suits approx. 14.3hh-17hh


Features and technology:

  • Constructed from breathable neoprene

  • 16 magnets in each boot, situated around the hock joint

  • 600 Gauss high energy flexible ferrite magnets with 50mm plume field zone

  • Use 30 minutes to 1 hour per day for the first week and gradually build up to 4 hours a day for optimum treatment

  • Can be left on for a maximum of 12 hours

  • Cannot be used whilst the horse is exercising. Horse must be at rest with a regular heart rate

  • Hand wash only in cool water with mild soap/non-bio liquid. Rinse thoroughly and dry naturally

  • Sold as a pair


    Why use magnets? The following benefits have been reported…

    Improved circulation - Reduced muscle tension - Aids recovery of muscle fatigue - Stimulation of tissue oxygen supply - Soothes skeletal aches - Eliminates toxins - Aids cell renewal - Reduces inflammation - Reduces pain - Enhances healing - Alleviates symptoms of arthritis & rheumatism - Stimulates production of elastin & collagen which is essential for the development of new cells - Regenerates damaged tissue 

    Endorsed by vets & trainers worldwide

    Combing USA’s technology in magnets with our experience in rugs and boots we have enjoyed worldwide success in all disciplines of the equine industry and helped many a top racehorse, event horse, dressage horse, etc. to keep training and competing with the aid of our magnetic products. Premier Equine's Magni-Teque range has also been endorsed by veterinary practices for the purpose of healing after surgery.


    WARNING do not use on the following...

    Open wounds

    During pregnancy (ladies)

    Mares in foal

    Near pacemakers

    ALWAYS remember if symptoms persist call your vet!